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Oceans and Coastal Management Division, Oceans, Habitat and Species at Risk Branch
Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Cold-water (deep-sea) corals have attracted significant scientific and conservation interest in recent years. About 25 to 30 coral species live in waters off Atlantic Canada, most of them in depths of 150 metres and greater. Several of these species are long-lived, grow to a large size (> 1 m) and can form dense concentrations, while at least one can form reefs. The large, habitat-forming species are generally found along the edge of the continental shelf and in deep channels between fishing banks...
Oceans Directorate - Regional Oceans Operations Branch
Fisheries and Oceans Canada
This report provides an overview of the biology, distribution and ecosystem function of corals and sponges in Canada; summarizes the various hazards to these species; outlines international initiatives related to the conservation of corals and sponges; provides a context for legislative and policy frameworks in Canada; and describes science, research, and conservation initiatives based on the six DFO administrative regions.